How do I get from the airport to Cebu Alona Beach?

The complete transfer can be arranged by Sun Divers (prices on request) or you just take a taxi to the port. There are two piers from which the speedboats from start ( Pier 1 and Pier 4 ) . All ferries take about 100 min. to Tagbilaran . The latest timetable and prices for the ferry can be found under “Travel”.

In Tagbilaran then wait several taxis 600 pesos or 300 pesos Tricycles bring you Alona Beach. All taxi drivers speak relatively good English and the transfer is usually very easy to do..


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How can I pay for your services?

At Sun Divers can be paid in Pesos, Euros, or by credit card, we prefer peso. When paying by credit card (Visa, Mastercart ) 7% bank charges must be included as well.


Is there a bank or an ATM in Alona Beach?

Yes. There is one BPI bank with three ATM in Alona Which accepts Visa , MasterCard and debit cards. The maximum withdrawel a day is 60000P / day


Where can I change Money?

Yes. There are a BPI bank at the entrance to Alona which also has three ATMs Does the Visa, MasterCard and debit card accepted. Up to 60000P / day fixed.


Where can I change money in Alona?

There are several money changers in the Alona can replace almost all currencies and traveler’s checks in pesos. Two changer located directly in the tourist center Alona and one is in the ” city limits ” next ” Rona’s Corner ” . The exchange rate may vary 1-2 points from the course in Tagbilaran.


What else can you conglomerate in Panglao / Bohol?

You can make a very beautiful island tours with a motorcycle. Renting a bike costs about 8 euros / day. On this tour you can use different beaches, caves ,Spanish watchtowers and old Spanish churches view. A trip to the “local market” is especially Sundays an experience.

On Bohol can plan a very nice day trip also by motorbike or car. On display is the oldest church in Southeast Asia, the smallest primate ( monkey Tarsier ) , Waterfalls and the Chocolate Hills. Furthermore, you can on the way back in Tagbilaran stop to go for a stroll around a bit. There are two very large modern shopping malls where you can buy very cheap brand goods.


Can I come to snorkel as non-divers on the boat?

Yes. We are happy to take friends or family along on our trips for snorkeling. There are some spots such as Balicasag or Puntod where it is perfectly suited for snorkeling. This boat trip costs 400 pesos around Panglao, Balicasag, Pamilacan Puntod or 700 pesos per person.